1. Frequently Cleanse tresses weekly or bi-weekly using Shampoo

As if it were your own hair, treat it well. Having said that, wash it! Always use a wide-tooth comb or wig brush to untangle your hair before washing. Because of the accumulation of oil and filth, washing is essential. Some women prefer conditioner washing, which is totally OK. However, keep in mind that you need still use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of any and all debris. You can alternate between a regular shampoo and conditioner if you wash your hair once a week.

2. Deep Condition to keep Tresses moisturized

The state of your tresses is crucial. Conditioning gives moisture to the hair and aids in detangling ( that was stripped by the clarifying shampoo if you did not co-wash). For your hair to stay moisturized and avoid frizzing or tangling,

3. Dry your tresses

To ensure that your entire head of hair, including the braids underlying your style, are completely dry, we advise sitting under a drier for as least one to two hours. If your braids are not completely dry, you run the danger of developing a moldy scent and ugly molding, both of which will harm your hair. (If you haven't installed your packages yet. It also works wonders to let your bundles air dry.

4. How to Maintain Tresses at Bedtime

The greatest technique to protect your hair at night is to do this. Actually, we advise using a cushion as well as a satin scarf. These satin accessories help in moisture retention, keeping your hair smooth, silky, and styled.

5. Use Minimal Heat

Wearing a weave is primarily meant to give your natural hair a rest, so follow that advice. To avoid applying heat every day when wearing straight extensions, wrap it with a few bobby pins at night. If you want voluminous curls, pin curls are the way to go. Only use heat if necessary, and the same rule applies to your leftovers! A crispy, charred leave out is not what you want.

6. Don't oversaturate tresses with products

Using a lot of products will make your hair oily and stringy and lead to buildup.